Why Our Warehouses Have Epoxy-Sealed Floors

If you haven’t perused our website, you should; if you have, you’ve probably noticed that we say that our warehouses have epoxy-sealed floors. It sounds great – and it is! But what is epoxy and how does it benefit a warehouse and the goods stored inside?

What is epoxy?

Epoxy is a mixture of resin and hardeners that chemically react to form a hard-plastic material that is strong and resistant to damaging agents, chemical or physical. It also forms a strong bond to concrete, which is why epoxy is the preferred sealant for concrete floors.

Benefits of epoxy-sealed floors

Dust prevention

Have you ever noticed the chalky dust on a concrete floor, whether in a warehouse or in an unfinished basement? That is the product of a process known as concrete dusting.

Concrete dusting happens when the top layer of the concrete is weakened. This can happen because of foot and heavy machinery traffic.

Other reasons why concrete dusting can occur happens at the time the concrete is mixed. Poor mixing of the concrete, the wrong balance between concrete mix and water, or insufficient curing at the surface. The most common of these causes is having too much water in the mix, causing the water to rise to the surface during the curing process, carrying the finer particles and cement to the surface. These finer particles and cement make up the majority of the concrete dust.


Epoxy floor in our warehouse

Would you look at that floor?

An epoxy-sealed floor is many times easier to clean than a concrete floor. A floor that is easier to clean makes cleaning short work, which allows us to regularly schedule floor cleaning with our zamboni-like vacuum sweeper. This means there will be even less dust on the floor to be kicked up onto the goods our clients chose to store in our warehouse.


To name a few, epoxy flooring is resistant to:

  • oil;
  • heat and fire;
  • water;
  • impact;
  • gasoline; and
  • bleach, cleansers, and other harsh chemicals.

Overall, an epoxy-sealed floor is almost impervious to most things without negative effects on the coating.


By epoxy-sealing our warehouse floors, cleaning is easier, maintenance costs are lower because of the epoxy floor’s natural durability, and we greatly reduce the possibility of concrete dust being thrown into the air and onto the goods we carefully store for our clients. Sealing our warehouse floors with epoxy was a great investment that aligned with our warehousing business goals: to keep our clients’ goods clean, organized, and safe.

Our warehouses have been called “immaculate” because of how clean and organized they are. Our epoxy-sealed floors are one of the many resources why our warehouses have such an overwhelmingly positive effect on visitors.


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