Value Added Services

Order Fulfillment Value Added Services

ADLI Logistics provides value-added services to our customers, providing flexibility in shipping their products to their Canadian clients faster. We offer a wide range of additional services that will enhance your supply chain. We also ensure we provide quality service so all your order fulfillment requirements are met. Our value added services allow our customers to focus on growing their business and customer base. Value added services we provide to our customers include:

Shrink wrapping

ADLI provides shrink wrapping for your product to fulfill customers’ orders on demand. We will wrap products and send them where they are needed.

Cross docking

We provide cross docking service for your products to ensure they move quickly through the order fulfillment process and avoid the extra cost of warehousing and handling. Our cross docking service includes unloading your product from incoming trucks and preparing them for outbound transportation.


We have an area dedicated for assembly and our kitting team will put together your product. We will assemble your product and provide your required packaging needs, such as standard or custom boxes and shrink wrap. This allows you to send customized shipments that are ordered by your customers and receive the correct combination of products.

Real time visibility of your inventory

With our warehouse management software (WMS), our customers are provided an online portal to access and manage their inventory. This allows our customers to be updated about their product constantly and handle their inventory as though it was in their facility. Our warehouse software provides accurate, real time visibility and control of your inventory movement. Some features of our WMS system include:

  • EDI compliance
  • Notifications when inventory levels become low
  • Order entry
  • Access to your shipment history
  • Access to invoices

ADLI Logistics has been providing value added services to various industries for over 20 years. We are a 3rd party logistics company that will provide all your order fulfillment services and your product will arrive to your customers when needed.

Distribution Services

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