Industrial and
Specialty Chemicals

Chemical Transportation,
Storage, and Distribution

Chemicals are sensitive to their environment – especially regulated chemicals, such as Class 3 Flammable products. ADLI Logistics focusses on safety and compliance when transporting, storing, and handling both your regulated and non-regulated chemicals. With strict temperature and humidity monitoring with built-in, automatic alerts, we take care that your product is stored according to its requirements to preserve product integrity and ensure safety.

As Responsible Distribution Canada (RDC) affiliates, we keep current on industry trends and health, safety, and environmental best practices and have designed our SOPs considering RDC’s Code of Practice.

We provide the following services for your regulated goods and unregulated goods:

  • Protect-from-freeze transportation
  • Temperature-controlled transportation
  • Ambient transportation
  • Class 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, and unregulated chemical storage
  • Refrigerated/cooler storage (2-8 C or 35.6-46.4 F)
  • Ambient storage
  • Temperature- and humidity-controlled storage (15 C to 25 C and between 35% and 65% relative humidity)

Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Materials Transportation

At the beginning of your supply chain, you will need to transport your product either from one of your production facilities. ADLI Logistics will arrange for this pickup and deliver it to one of our facilities for processing and storage. From here, we will pick and prepare your order and arrange for a truck to deliver to your customer.

When ADLI Logistics is both your transportation and storage partner, you benefit directly by leveraging an experienced and responsive 3PL that handles your entire supply chain. With no other parties involved, we can facilitate the movement of your product from the production facility to your customer with minimal delays.

Protect-from-freeze Chemicals Transport

Canada can be exceedingly cold during the winter months. ADLI Logistics will make sure your product is loaded onto a heated trailer to prevent your product from freezing.

Our experienced dispatch team will remember to offer you this service even if you forget about the risks of winter transportation.

Temperature Controlled Chemicals Transport

ADLI Logistics can provide you with transportation that will keep your sensitive chemical products at the safest temperature to keep them stable.

Free Quality Agreement Review

ADLI Logistics provides the following features for chemicals storage services:

  • TDG and WHMIS certified staff
  • SOPs in place for receiving, processing, storing, and shipping dangerous goods.
  • NFPA30 certified flammable products storage room
  • Automatic fire rated doors
  • Spill containment floor

ADLI Logistics also offers the following standard facility features:

  • Clean and pest-free
  • 24/7 video monitoring
  • Alarm systems with remote notifications
  • Key-card permissions with granular security access allowing or disallowing entry into rooms
  • Daily facility audits
  • ISO 9001:2015 quality management system and SOPs implemented throughout

Maintain and regulate humidity for moisture-sensitive chemicals

ADLI Logistics also offers temperature- and humidity-controlled environments to ensure that your temperature and/or humidity sensitive products are stored in the ideal requirements for health, safety, and product integrity.

Cold/refrigerated storage

Our cooler provides refrigerated storage within the range of 2-8 C (36-46 F) to ensure that your regulated and/or non-regulated chemical products are stored at the optimal temperature to keep product integrity and product safety at an ideal level.

Responsible Disposal of Chemical Waste

Chemicals can be dangerous and harmful to the environment, which is why ADLI Logistics holds a waste generator number for each of its facilities, granted by the Ontario government’s Ministry of the Environment. This means we are authorized to dispose of chemical waste in an environmentally safe manner.

As such, we will take care of all your chemical disposal needs. This includes arranging the transportation as well as the loading of the product(s) onto the truck. Not only that, but we also manage the certificate of destruction and any other documentation that needs to go to the Ministry of the Environment.

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