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Batching for Your Order
Fulfillment Services

For your order fulfillment, ADLI Logistics provides batching which is a process when inventory is pulled to fill multiple orders simultaneously. One SKU is picked one time for all relevant orders and then distributed across numerous orders in a packing location. After picking the order, the goods are organized and consolidaated by order or shipping destination.

Batching is beneficial when there are multiple orders with the same SKU. The order picker only travels to the pick location for that specific SKU once to fulfill multiple orders. This way instead of working on one order one at a time, orders are batched together. Batching also minimizes the number of trips to the same locations within the warehouse to retrieve the product.

ADLI’s batching will increase productivity and efficiency

Our batching service will result in increasing productivity and reducing the time that is spent walking individual orders through the warehouse. Also, our batching services will improve warehouse efficiency by reducing operational costs. Since orders are organized and consolidated by order or shipping destination, this reduces handling and issues that may arise with conventional order picking.

Access your inventory anytime

Our state of the art warehousing management system (WMS) is an online portal that allows our customers to access and manage their inventory in real time remotely. All your inventory movement and processing will be tracked, so you will be constantly updated about your inventory. We provide transparency and you will have complete visibility of your inventory. Some of the features include:

  • EDI compliance
  • Low inventory notifications
  • Enter your order online
  • Access your shipment history
  • View documents (invoices, BOLs, PODs)
  • Trace your shipments

ADLI Logistics is a third party logistics company that has been providing dedicated logistics for almost 20 years. Our staff have the experience and knowledge in providing order fulfillment services for various industries and we ensure all requirements are met prior to shipping products to your customers. Your product will arrive on time when it is needed by your customers.

Distribution Services

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For your order fulfillment, ADLI Logistics provides batching which is a process when inventory…

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