Trends That Are Shaping the Supply Chain

The supply chain is continually changing and adapting to consumers’ requirements. Below are some trends that are transforming the supply chain:

1) Sustainability

The result of climate change is resulting in consumers being more conscious of the way products are made and if they have a negative impact on the environment. Consumers are interested in how products are made and look towards environmentally conscious methods.

2) Mobile devices

Mobile devices have allowed consumers to shop at their convenience wherever they would like. Retailers and supply chains are noticing this change in buying behavior and are adapting to these change by creating mobile friendly websites and changing their supply chains to meet the demand of consumers. Mobile devices have changed the supply chain by allowing consumers to order products on the go and when they require. Also, to accommodate consumers’ needs there are retailers who have introduced ordering online and picking up in-store. This creates more of a convenience as customers can order their products and go to their preferred store location to pick up their product.

3) Robotics and changing technologies

Robotics and changing technologies are changing the supply chain. There are advances in technologies that use robotics and other technologic advances which can increase productivity and efficiency in the supply chain.

4) Autonomous vehicles

There has been a lot discussion around autonomous vehicles which are driverless and controlled from outside of the vehicle. There has been hesitation around these vehicles in the past since there are no drivers in control within the vehicle. However, after several trials and correcting issues that arose, larger industries are looking towards autonomous trucks. Autonomous vehicles have the ability to navigate around obstacles and reroute themselves to complete the task. As the technology behind these vehicles develops, there will be an increasing number of these vehicles present. This also creates additional opportunities for productivity and cost reductions.

5) New energy resources

Referring back to our first point of sustainability, there are new energy sources that are being introduced which will help companies become more environmentally friendly and reduce their carbon footprint. Also, there are incentives by governments that are provided to companies that implement sustainable initiatives. This provides an incentive for companies to implement these new energy sources and become provide a sustainable supply chain.

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