Sustainability in the Supply Chain

Going green is a trend in the industry as companies look to implement more environmentally friendly initiatives. Consumers are aware of the impact that is being put on the environment and are turning to companies that practice sustainability. With sustainability being a decision factor for consumers, companies are changing their supply chain to match the requirements of consumers. Some areas to examine in a company include:

    • Reduce waste

By reducing waste that is generated in return can help to reduce your carbon footprint. Determining where waste can be decreased can begin the sustainability process in a company. Decreasing waste can be a small step to improve overall sustainable operations.

    • Route efficiency

Using routes that are fuel efficient will reduce a company’s carbon footprint by reducing emissions. Also, by creating routes that are fuel efficient can result in lower costs as there will be a reduction in fuel costs. Making changes to shipping routes for LTL deliveries and full truckload shipping can improve shipping routes in the supply chain.

    • Renewable resources

Reviewing energy consumption and understanding where improvements can be made will help to improve sustainability. Not only reducing energy consumption but thinking of ways moving towards renewable energy resources for your company. Exploring what renewable resources your company can implement and how they can be implemented, can reduce your carbon footprint. Companies that are turning to more renewable resources look to resources such as solar and wind. Businesses are exploring renewable resources as this can reduce energy consumption and reduce energy needs.

Sustainability can be a driving factor of consumers’ decisions when purchasing products. Also, this can create a positive image of your brand and influence consumers’ buying decisions. Consumers are becoming more aware of the weight that is being put on the environment. They look to companies that are reducing their environmental impact and implementing sustainable initiatives. Also, companies that practice sustainability and implement sustainable initiatives is beneficial for the long run.

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