Supply Chain Trends in 2016

With 2016 coming to a close, we are going to look back at some of the trends that happened. The supply chain has continually evolved to accommodate the changing needs of companies to meet demand. Also, changing the supply chain to meet the changing needs of consumers. Consumers can be a driving force in the supply chain to implement change and complying with their needs will improve the supply chain. Some of the trends that have happened this past year include:

Improved tracking for shipments

With the increasing interest in online shopping, consumers look for tracking ability to see their product in transit. There is always room for improvement when providing tracking for consumers. Improvements in warehouse technology and communicating product location through email or logging into an account shows where products are located in transit. Also, this information provides consumers the estimated day of arrival. There are companies that are currently doing this but more will continue to improve this aspect of the shopping experience. This will increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Increasing use of the cloud

Cloud-based software and technologies will continue to become predominant in the industry and will soon become the industry standard. Soon traditional fulfillment technologies will no longer be able to compete and cloud-based software will take over. Being able to access the cloud allows anyone in the supply chain to view required information when it is needed.

Planning ahead

This is a common method that many supply chains implement and helps companies to plan for any situation. Planning ahead will help your company to overcome any issues that may arise and reduce disruptions that may occur.

Customers/clients are a main priority

This is will always be the case when it comes to your customers and clients. Providing a seamless connection that allows your customers and clients to access information any time they require. For your clients, providing access to information at any time and that way they may need and provide a portal for this information. For your customers, providing them their accounts information and allowing them to track where their products are located while being shipped. Both these ways can increase your customer service.

These are some of the trends we have seen in 2016 and new trends will appear in 2017 as the supply chain is continuing to evolve. ADLI Logistics adapts to changes in the supply chain and provides customized solutions. For more information, fill out our contact form or call 1-877-363-7281!