Santa, Take Your Logistics to the Next Level!

Santa’s Job is Tough Enough, without Predictive Analytics to Increase Efficiencies

Timeliness is most important during the holiday season. As Santa is preparing his sleigh to deliver toys around the world for Christmas morning, manufacturers and retailers are planning to meet the increase in customer delivery demands during this holiday season.

Santa has his magic sleigh and reindeer to help with his delivery, but transportation companies do not have access to such special transport and, as a result, need to plan their supply chains to ensure their products can be delivered on time during this peak delivery period.

For industries such as toy manufacturers, the period between November 1 and December 1st can result in 50 percent of revenue according to the National Retail Federation. For shippers in this competitive space, on-time delivery is critical. A late delivery could result in the loss of retail shelf space and ultimately revenue. As an example, if a shipment arrives after Christmas, a manufacturer will be faced with post-holiday discounts with ultimate revenue loss during the best revenue generating period of the year.

Technology Can Be The Difference Between Freight Getting There on Time and Not!

For many transport logistics companies, technology can play a key role in tracking shipments. Real-time alerts can be used to notify supply chain managers of disruptions during the transportation process. Such technology can be used in conjunction with planning to minimize challenges such as inventory management and on-time delivery.

Predictive Analytics Optimize Optimize Capacities

Through predictive analytics, transport logistics companies can track information to assist them with their transport planning. This process includes determining which of their preferred carriers have the capacity and the best routes for shipment and what times are best for customs clearance. Such analysis by companies such as ADLI Logistics results in efficient communication between shippers and companies that transport time-sensitive products.

Realtime Data for Shipment Locating

Determining the best time for shipment pick-up is also a key factor for ADLI Logistics. Determining which time is best for pick-up, how long it takes a carrier to get to a pick-up location and ultimately how long a delivery will take are key aspects of a logistics company that can be the difference between an on-time delivery and one that is late. Predictive analytics also enable transport logistics organization to be ahead of the game, with real time data shipment location for their customers.

During this time of the year, ADLI can outshine the competition and meet the delivery demands of the holiday season. ADLI’s magic sleigh is their ability to provide their customers with real-time information so that customers including Santa, can meet their delivery deadlines!