Providing Visibility in the Supply Chain

In the logistics industry, it is inevitable that issues may arise, such as unpleasant weather and delays in freight shipments. If customers have an unsatisfying experience with a company, this can result in the loss of a customer. In order to avoid this, it is important to keep customers informed of what is happening in the supply chain. Providing transparency to your customers builds a sense of trust since your customers know they can trust you with their products. Some benefits of providing visibility to your customers include:

1) Continual communication=Strengthening the customer relationship

Informing and communicating any issues that may arise reinforces the relationship you have with your customers. They are fully aware of any disruptions that may occur and ensure they are notified if there are delays. Providing visibility in the supply chain ensures your customers know what is occurring in the supply chain and there are no surprises.

2) Increasing customer satisfaction

By providing solutions to your customers and having continual communication assists with increasing customer satisfaction. Also, this can build a stronger relationship with your customers and build long lasting relationships. This goes back to our previous point that when disruptions or interruptions occur, keep your customers continually updated and having that open communication.

3) Provides a competitive advantage

Providing visibility to your customers gives you a competitive advantage. The ability to provide your customers information of where their products are located throughout the supply chain is an important aspect of enforcing the customer relationship. Also, providing supply chain visibility makes your company more dependable and responsive. This results in building a stronger relationship with your customers.

Visibility in the supply chain provides many benefits and can help strengthen the relationship with your customers. ADLI Logistics provides our customer full visibility with or WMS and TMS which is accessible online in real time. This provides our customers with up to date information and continually informed.

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