Drone deliveries in the supply chain

A couple of weeks ago, we mentioned that drones are a trend that may soon appear in the supply chain.
Companies are continually looking to optimize and improve delivery times to their customers. Quicker delivery times can result in increased customer satisfaction levels since customers are receiving their products in less time. A solution for quicker delivery times is the introduction of drones in the supply chain. This can provide faster delivery times and provide customers an alternative option for delivery.This will provide customers more choice in how their products can be delivered and if they require a speedier delivery service.

Speedy & efficient deliveries

For the past couple of years, Amazon has been researching and testing drone deliveries. The introduction of drones would improve delivery times significantly by delivering the product to customers’ doorsteps, reducing long delivery wait times. Implementing drones for the delivery process would provide a competitive advantage over other companies as this would provide quicker delivery. Also, this allows customers to order product last minute and arrive the same day it is ordered. ADLI Logistics recognizes that delivery times play a crucial role in customer satisfaction and can result in lasting relationships with customers.

Obstacles to overcome

While drones provide expedited delivery, there are few hurdles to overcome prior to implementation. Some difficulties include:

1) Safety in the air

This device has the ability to detect hazards in the air, however, there have been incidents that these devices have flown dangerously close to commercial aircrafts. Also, with drones in the air, this would result in increased air traffic.

2) Regulations

With the growing popularity of these devices, Transport Canada is planning to introduce new rules and regulations when it comes to the use of drones. Also, there are privacy concerns with these devices and there will be rules in place to protect from privacy invasion.

3) Insurance

New insurance coverage would need to be created as there would be new liabilities, accidents and to cover any property damage that may occur.

Delivery of the future

It may take quite a few years for drones to complete deliveries on a regular basis. However, with growing interest and research being completed, customers will have the option for drone delivery. Also, with further development of this supply chain technology, there could be the possibility of reverse logistics capabilities which could result in a speedier return process.

ADLI Logistics knows that technology can improve the supply chain and increase customer satisfaction. This results in building long-lasting relationships with your customers. For more information regarding our services and how we can help your supply chain, contact us at 1-877-363-7281 or fill out our contact form!