Driving Competitive Advantage With Your Transportation Management

It is important to remain competitive in the transportation industry so that you are the top choice for freight shipments when your customers are looking for a carrier. For third party logistics providers, it is important to provide cost effective supply chain solutions since this is one of the main reason companies turn to 3PLs. Below we outline 5 ways that effective transportation management provides a competitive advantage.

1. Provides visibility to freight costs

Being able to provide freight spend assists in showing where all costs occur and let your customers know where all costs come from. This is important in providing competitive pricing and recognizing opportunities for change, such as where costs can have the potential to be reduced. Providing where all costs come from assist in informing your customers where costs are accumulated.

2. Becoming a shipper that your customers go to first

Creating and gaining the trust of your customers is a way that you become top choice when they are selecting a shipper for their freight loads. Your customers will feel that they can trust you with their shipments and you are their first choice when looking for a carrier. Creating ways to help your customers is an important aspect in building long lasting relationships.

3. Control inventory levels and warehouse productivity

Providing effective transportation management solutions in improving warehouse efficiency, can result in product moving seamlessly in the supply chain. Effective transportation planning takes into consideration inventory and order fulfillment requirements.

4. Offering increased customer service

By providing customers savings and customized solutions, this offers your customers an increased level of customer service. Also, providing the optimal method of transportation for freight shipments can result in efficient and timely deliveries.

5. Provide metrics for your customers

Using the correct metrics to monitor freight shipments is critical information for you and your customers. Metrics provide a wealth of information and sharing this information is important for the customer-shipper relationship. Effective transportation management provides customers valuable information to ensure both parties are fully informed about all aspects of the shipping process.

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