Consumers’ Needs Changing the Supply Chain

The supply chain is continuing to evolve in order to adapt to consumers’ changing needs. Retailers are changing their supply chain in order to meet consumers’ needs and increase customer satisfaction. Below are ways in which the supply chain has changed:

Various outlets to purchase products

Consumers are able to purchase products by going in-store, online or through an app on their mobile device. Providing various shopping platforms provides consumers a convenient way to purchase products when they require. However, this can cause some challenges for the supply chain. A challenge that arises is the ability to quickly track the products as they travel throughout the supply chain. Knowing where products are located in the supply chain and when they will arrive to customers is an important aspect to ensure customer satisfaction.

Online shopping

The increasing number of consumers turning to online shopping puts pressure on retailers to provide the highest standards of service for customers. Shoppers nowadays turn to online shopping so they are able to order from the comfort of their home and their product arrives to their doorstep. Retailers should monitor the efficiency and delivery of products in order to maintain customer satisfaction and returning customers. Also, one of the main aspects of online shopping that retailers should focus on is shipping. Customers look for retailers that can provide quick delivery and at a low cost. Shipping should be an important part of the supply chain as this can be a deal breaker for consumers if delivery is too long.

Social Media

People are using different platforms online to connect with retailers. With social media, consumers are able to provide feedback to retailers instantly. Consumers are able to provide reviews and complaints on social media pages which put retailers in the hot seat. This requires retailers to engage and resolve any issues customers may have.

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