5 Key Warehouse Safety Guidelines

Implementing rules within the warehouse will assist in providing a safe work environment for employees and set the standard of how to properly complete tasks. Below we provide
recommendations for warehouse safety.

Staff training procedures

Ensure staff are educated and knowledgeable of safety practices within the warehouse. This allows employees are following the proper procedures and aware of the consequences that can result in an unsafe workplace. Injuries or accidents can occur if the proper precautions are not taken. If employees are aware of the consequences that can occur from not following protocols, procedures may be followed more closely.

Organized warehouse

Ensuring the warehouse is organized and pathways are clear with no obstructions, will minimize risks of accidents occurring. Having a clean and organized workplace can result in reducing risks that can happen. Also, in the case of an emergency, employees should also be aware of emergency exits and sprinklers in the roof should not be blocked at any time.

Proper Lifting Techniques

When products require to be moved or transported onto the freight shipment, assess what is the proper method to move the product. If a product requires lifting, ensure there are no obstacles in the way and enough space is provided to move product. When performing any lifting, ensure safe lifting techniques are being used and there are no obstructions in the view of the lifter. Proper lifting techniques can prevent injuries, such as back injuries, and keep employees safe.

Ensure safety equipment is used

Depending on what is being stored in the warehouse, appropriate eyewear and hard hats may be required for certain products. Safety equipment is used in order to reduce workplace injury and in the long run, will assist in reducing accidents.

Promote awareness in the warehouse

Communication between staff members can achieve a sense of awareness. Always being aware of the potential hazards or accidents that can happen in the warehouse assists in keeping employees safe in the warehouse. Also, communicating any concerns they may have can assist in preventing accidents and injuries from occurring.

ADLI Logistics ensures our warehouse facilities and employees follow all rules and regulations. We ensure the utmost in safety for our employees. For more information regarding our warehouse and distribution services, fill out our contact form or contact 1-877-363-7281!