5 Considerations When Selecting a WMS

Increase efficiency in your warehouse

Purchasing a warehouse management system (WMS) is a significant investment decision for a business. Choosing the correct WMS can result in a warehouse operating more efficiently, streamline operations and improve productivity. Consider the following when selecting a WMS:

1) Cost

Prior to purchase, review the cost and software licenses you are purchasing. Ensure there are no hidden fees and extra costs for upgrading. Also, research the implementation costs and from this information create a budget.

2) Ease of Use

Select a WMS that is user-friendly and will reduce time spent on training staff. This will allow them to quickly adapt to the new system. Look for software that provides:

  • Clear navigation
  • Easy to follow menus
  • Easy to read metrics
  • Help screens
  • Customization of screens for navigation

If your staff are unable to easily learn and use the system, this could cause disruptions in the operation of your warehouse. Choose a WMS that reduces employees’ time spent searching the software for what they are looking for.

3) Reliability and flexibility

Can the WMS handle high volume of activity? Is the software capable of meeting company growth and changing needs? When there are fluctuations in activity, choose a WMS that can handle and meet all levels of activity. Also, the system should be flexible that it can be used with other types of software for long-term use. Our WMS at ADLI allows us to handle fluctuations in activity and streamline operations in our warehouse. This results in creating an efficient warehouse and fulfilling our customers’ needs.

4) Customer support

Request from the WMS provider what support and training programs are available for new users during the installation process. Having support when issues arise will assist in reducing disruptions in your warehouse.

5) Retrieval of data

Choose a WMS that provides easy data retrieval, which assists in reducing time spent searching for information. Also, a WMS that provides your customers access to data and documents regarding their inventory. This way customers have the ability to retrieve information when they require. Our WMS system at ADLI allows our customers to access their information when it is needed and provide real-time visibility of their inventory.

Meeting your business needs

Before going through the process of choosing a WMS, complete an assessment of your business needs. Identify your company’s key needs and this will assist in selecting a WMS that will improve operations in your warehouse and meet future growth of your company.
ADLI Logistics utilizes a state of the art WMS that provides an efficient warehouse and meeting the needs of our customers. For more information regarding our warehouse services, call us at (877)363-7281 or complete our contact form.