2017 Supply Chain Trends

Since we are approaching the end of the year, this can be a time to reflect on what happened in 2016 and look at changes that have happened in the supply chain. Just recently, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have shown how the supply chain has evolved. More and more shoppers are choosing to stay home and order their products online than wait in long line-ups (or for some, camp out for days) for those heavily discounted products. The growth in e-commerce has shown how the supply chain has grown and is adapting to the changing market. Also, consumers are changing the way they choose to shop. The majority prefer the convenience of ordering online and having their product arrive at their doorstep. This is only one of the changes that have happened to supply chains and there are definitely more transformations to come in 2017.
Supply chain trends to look for in 2017
With all the changes that have happened to supply chains, Supply Chain Digital lists 4 trends in supply chains to watch for in 2016:

1) Technology being a main strategic driver

As mentioned above, supply chains are evolving and adapting to consumer demand and technological advances. Smarter technologies are being created to process large volumes of data and organize multiple sources of data.

2) Supply chains that provide transparency and flexibility

More supply chains will determine how to balance flexibility, reduce their environmental impact and provide their clients’ complete visibility.

3) Big success will come from small improvements

Everyone knows improving all components of the supply chain are crucial for growth and success. However, changes in the supply chain by focusing more on certain aspects, such as predictive route planning and distribution space allocation software, will become more common in supply chains.

4) Quicker implementation of new procedures

Improvements in technologies have assisted in enhancing supply chains and implementing new methods quickly. Also, with the improvement in technologies, companies are able to link existing systems. This will save from purchasing new systems and can solve any issues with existing systems already in place.

These are only some of the changes that are expected to happen to future supply chains, with even more transformations to come in 2017. Be prepared with ADLI Logistics as we adapt to the changing supply chain by offering freight shipping, warehousing and distribution services. For more information fill out our contact form or call 1-877-363-7281!